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Welcome to Koko Radio Show.  We are delighted that you have come by.  Since 2009, our mission is to enlighten, inspire and entertain oour audience with topics that are important to them.  Our goal is to continue what we have done and broaden our horizons with more innovative topics that will be sure to get some of our listeners talking.  Our creator and founder of The Midnight Koko Show has dedicated her life to making a differnce in someone's life.  "If I can touch one person who has listened to TMKS, then I've done my job."


We will soon incorporate a Brand New Show called Thursday's Confession, which air on special occasions.  Coming soon, Ask Koko, which will air every other Friday.  These shows are designed to allow our audience to open up about their secrets or expose what they feel like getting off their chest.  We're also allowing our listeners to choose their topics and be guest hosts on the show.  What other radio show does that?


Since TMKS began, its main purpose is to spread the word about who's new in entertainment.  Not only does TMKS show conduct interviews and play Indie Music, but also helps promote those artists who have been on our show.


In addition to hosting, Ms. Koko is also a SELF PUBLISHED AUTHOR, with her first release in December 2012.  Korri Marron aka Ms. Koko, has always been honest about her passion for love and romance.  With her first book of poetry, WORDS IN MELODY: LOVE & PAIN, she continues to express her passion.


Koko Radio Show and other entertainment projects are a trademark of KPAM Inc.  We hope that you've enjoyed our shows and we look forward to your continued support in the new year and  years to come.






Enjoy and Welcome!!!!

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